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Here are just a few examples of customers who have benefited from our expertise in the design and development of their complex platforms:

Expertise and mastery of web & mobile development allows NetDevicesa Paris-based web agency, supports its customers in setting up complex, high-performance platforms. The choice of technologies is adapted to each project.

01. NetDevices 's web development skills

Software development to boost your business

To offer our customers modern solutions, we ensure that our websites and mobile applications are scalable and adaptable. They adapt to changing customer needs.

Our agency then offers a wide range of functions . All this is tailored to the requirements of our customers and their business sectors. Whether you need to broadcast live video, process large volumes of data or meet other specific requirements, NetDevices can meet your needs.

We operate in the website design and front-end and back-end development. We we also support our customers in the management of their mobile, web, data or AI development projects.

Our programming expertise (Java, HTML and CSS) provides customized, ergonomic tools to companies and their users. We offer state-of-the-art IT development solutions. It's essential to anticipate future technological developments through strategic intelligence.

Why integrate web development into your business strategy?

The web development meets many of your objectives. For example:

  • meet your customers' expectations,
  • propose innovative and adaptive technical solutions,
  • add new functions
  • improve the user experience of your interfaces,
  • etc.

In the age of digitalizationit is crucial for all companies to integrate web development into their corporate strategy.  In this way, you can improve your competitive positioning.

Visit examples of complex platform applications in various fieldss :

  • One sports coach needs a digital solution to distribute online exercises to its students.
  • A real estate agency can take advantage of a complex platform to offer virtual tours to potential tenants or buyers.
  • One florist can also set up an online tool enabling customers to create made-to-measure bouquets. Customers design their floral arrangements directly on an efficient web interface, suitable for all screens.

Some examples of our web development projects 

With 14 years' experienceOur team (project manager, programmer, full stack developer, designer, integrator, analyst, webmaster, etc.) contributes to the design of a multitude of innovative IT projects.

Some examples of our achievements

  • Novastack offers a wide range of technological solutions to its customers. In this context, a company requested the services of a web designer from our agency to customize the design of its platform and improve its Inspector solutions. These tools are used for the mass control of customer documents, as well as for the management of invoices and various types of mail.
  • Host Broadcast Service (HBS) called on NetDevices to perfect its platform. The company optimizes the broadcasting of various sporting events. In order to offer premium-quality sound and images to its broadcasters, HBS obviously needed a platform to match the services it provides. This is how our web agency came to develop the LFP software. LFP gives users access to live broadcasts of sporting events, as well as archives and the ability to select just a few video segments via a filter system. 

02. The technologies used by NetDevices for software development

To offer web development solutions tailored to your needs, NetDevices uses the most appropriate full-stack technologies.

For web and mobile application development, our developers use several open source Javascript frameworks.

These include ReactJSAngular (for single page web applications), React Native (for cross-platform mobile applications) as well as Vue JS, Capacitor, Cordova and Ionic. As for back-endour team of web developers also masters Node JS.

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In addition to these technologies, NetDevices poalso has in-depth expertise in the field of databasesfrom MariaDB to DynamoDB, MongoDB, Couchbase, Redis, SkySQL and PostgreSQL.

To add value to your web or mobile applications, we use specific computer programs that meet your requirements.

Here are a few examples:

  • VideoJSThis library lets you customize the design and functionality of your HTML5 video players.
  • Bootstrap offers you a collection of tools for the design of your application web. 

Computer languages

We also master computer languages such as Python, CSS, HTML, jQuery, RESTful API, the containerization platform Docker, SonarQube, PhantomJS, as well as Terraform, Kubernetes, Xen, VMWare, RabbitMQ, etc.

These tools are essential for web development. To make sure you have solutions, we regularly monitor the latest technological developments..

Depending on the specifics of your web project, our experts select the most appropriate (usually open-source) tools. Thanks to our wide range of technical skills, we can provide you with a complete, high-performance user interface.

In addition, we apply the method Agile for project management. In this context, a dedicated web developer to support you throughout the project. He helps you draw up the specifications and ensures that the process runs smoothly.

With our expertise in application development and our mastery of technologies, we are able to design 100% customized solutions.

So, whatever your web development project, contact us from now on.