Some examples of projects designed with React.js by our agency :


At NetDevicesWe are committed to and use all our expertise to develop digital media that are always more efficient.

Whether it is your application web, application mobile, interactive tablet or whatever your digital tools are, React.js is totally in line with our desire to allow you to bring a real user experience to your customers. Find out more: agency / no-code agency / agency Node.jsagency React native

What is React.js?

React.js is a open source JavaScript framework. In fact, it is a library that allows you to build user interfaces dedicated to web and mobile applications.
The logic of the components made available to our developers NetDevices allows you to offer greater performance in the design of your interfaces.


Make a difference with React.js development.

The advantages of the solution React.js are numerous so that it is a real strategic choice to choose this framework to create your website or your application web for the following reasons:

  • A logic of components which allows our designers and developers to standardize your support and save you time during all phases of your web project development.
  • Optimized loading speed thanks to the functionalities of the React JS solution which loads only the interactive parts for an almost instantaneous display.
  • Greater fluidity in the navigation experience offered to the user, notably by those design principles that help guide and convert the user.
  • A structured code and very well organized, which allows for easier maintenance and opens the door to more easily implemented upgrades.
  • A very large communitysupported by Meta, and numerous user developers, participate in improving processes by making proposals aimed at improving performance.

Why use a React.js agency?

Some web projects do not necessarily require the use of a CMS. Indeed, many needs can be met through the use of development frameworks allowing to give birth to specific web applicationspowerful and responsive.

The main advantage of using the skills of a web development agency that uses React.js, lies in the opportunity to create a digital support that banishes the complete reloading of your application or your page from the first time. This way, you can considerably increase the navigation comfort of your users, even in a project of complex interface creation. Always in a desire to remain at the forefront of innovation and performance, it is in this perspective that our agency NetDevices web agency developer has chosen touse React.js. In addition to paving the way for efficient, maintainable creations within complex user experiences, React.js enables you to maintain optimal execution speed even when the number of elements displayed is large. Imagining, designing and building customized web and/or mobile applications using React.js features is part of our developers' daily work.

Our team of engineers and designers specializes not only in the react.js framework, but also in UX and interface creation. Under the aegis of our technical project managers, they make all the difference to your web projects.

The React.js framework, for which digital media?

When you wear a web project and beyond the theme or the service you want to offer to your visitors, it is above all the quality of the navigation and the user experience that is important. To help you make the best possible choice and select the options that correspond to your digital project, NetDevices offers you the expertise of its developers in the use of Reactjs for the creation of :

Your web, CMS and intranet applications

An omnichannel strategy, a single back office and distribution on different terminals. Website creation using the React.js framework gives greater freedom for development.

Your native mobile applications

Development optimized by coupling with other frameworks used by NetDevices.

Your Progressive Web Apps

React.js offers all the advantages of a native application mobile application, without the drawbacks.

Your Single Page Apps

Optimized speed of first display while preserving the many advantages of SPA. You are now convinced of the opportunity to use a expert agency in the use of React.js for a high-performance web project and a user experience that will make the difference? Don't hesitate, NetDevices is a development agency specializing in React.js who has all the skills and resources to work on your existing databases as well as on emerging web projects.

Contact us, our developers will be able to give you sound advice to choose the best tool for the realization of your project, application or website.

The benefits of React.js for your web & mobile development projects.

React.js is a open source JavaScript library developed by Facebook, which enables the creation of high-performance, responsive user interfaces (UI) for web and mobile applications. Since its creation in 2013, React has grown in popularity with developers and businesses alike, thanks to its many benefits and features.

Here are just some of the reasons why our developers use React.js to create certain :

Reusable components

One of the key benefits of React.js lies in its modular, component-based approach. Our developers can create independent, reusable components that encapsulate the logic and rendering of the user interface. These components can then be combined and reused in different parts ofapplication, facilitating maintenance, improving consistency and reducing the amount of code to be written.

Optimized performance

React.js uses a powerful reconciliation algorithm and a concept called "Virtual DOM" to optimize user interface updates. The Virtual DOM is a representation that enables React.js to calculate the differences between the current and new states of the interface. This approach limits costly manipulations and significantly improvesapplication performance, particularly in scenarios where numerous interface updates are required.

Easy to learn and master

Compared with other JavaScript libraries and frameworks, React.js is relatively easy to learn and master, especially for developers who already have a good knowledge of JavaScript. The syntax of React, known as JSX, is an extension of JavaScript that enables HTML code to be written directly into JavaScript code, making it easier to understand and read, further optimizing the authoring process.

A diverse and dynamic ecosystem

React.js benefits from a wide range of libraries and complementary tools available to extend and enhance the functionality of your applications. Libraries such as Redux and MobX for state management, or React Router for navigation, enable our developers to easily add complex functionality to their projects without having to build everything from scratch.

Cross-platform support

React.js can be used in combination with React Nativea mobile application development framework also created by Facebook. React Native allows developers to write JavaScript code that will be compiled into native code for iOS and Android platforms. Thanks to this compatibility our agency's developers NetDevices can reuse much of their React.js code to create consistent, high-performance mobile applications on different platforms.