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Some examples of projects designed with React Native by our agency:

 React Native!

At NetDevicesWe are committed to and use all our expertise to develop digital media that are always more efficient.

In the world today, there are nearly 8 billion active cellular phone subscriptions and more than half of the subscribers are equipped with a smartphone or a mobile digital device. The figures speak for themselves and suggest all the opportunities offered by the mobile and web browsing.

The development of your own application has become a must if you want to remain competitive with your competitors, conquer new markets and provide a high value-added experience to your customers.

And to develop your web and mobile applications, you must associate yourself with the skills of a specialized web agency that masters all the functionalities of the different frameworks that currently exist, including : React Native ! Discover also : agency / no-code agency / agency Node.js / agency react.js

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What is application Native?

Develop a native application or hybrid allows you to benefit from an integral unit that links the device to its functionality. The applications are set up separately for each operating platform, which allows to comply exclusively and fully with the guidelines and requirements of a specific operating system.

What is React Native?

Developed by Meta, or Facebook for the unconditional, React Native was developed from the framework React.js which shares the same design, with the difference that it is particularly dedicated to developers who have already mastered the Javascript language and wish to create native applications without having to relearn automatisms from the beginning.

To summarize, React Native is a library using the Javascript programming language which makes it easy to create single-page web applications managed by a single interface. So, a application mobile React , means higher quality, optimal performance, a perfectly responsive interface and an optimized user experience!

Why design / create your application mobile with React Native?

To better understand the benefits of developing your mobile apps via React NativeIt is enough to list the advantages of this framework for specialized developers and designers:

  • A very complete toolbox optimized to allow the initialization of a project easily and very quickly without the need to own the architectures.
  • The ability to leverage the various features of a smartphone for speed and performance gains but also to generate a more optimized user experience and interfaces.
  • React Native does not require mastery of JAVA or SWIFT programming languages. A application developed with React Native can be integrated with ease into a native Android or IOS environment.
  • The opportunity to integrate third-party features and plugins for more flexibility and fluidity in the modifications and additions to your applications.
  • The integration ofapplication screens via web standards for results similar to the mock-ups and the established specifications and an adaptation to the different sizes of smartphone screens.

Why call on a React Native agency for your mobile application projects?

React Native is a technology used by the biggest names in mobileapplication . Instagram, Facebook, Airbnb, UberEATS and even Tesla use React Native, so why deprive yourself of a real opportunity to see your application shine on mobiles and smartphones the world over? Our agency NetDevices has developers and designers who are all experts in the creation of mobile applications as well as on React Native. This expertise enables us to design customized digital solutions for multi-platform development, keeping development costs under control and saving time in the creation and launch of your mobile app.

We chose React Native for the performance of the technology with the native services and features of a smartphone but not only!

React Native allows a more fluid rendering and a care on the style of the interactive features. Finally, this hybrid solution allows you to save time in development and therefore spend more time on what is essential: the features and user experience brought to theapplication mobile!

Save time and get your app and product to market quickly by contacting your React Native NetDevices agency! We'll meet with you to listen to your needs and your project, and, on the basis of your specifications or through discussion sessions with our experts, direct the design conditions for your mobile app!

Framework React Native: infinite possibilities for your applications

React Native is a open-source framework which lets you create native mobile applications for Android and iOS using the JavaScript language. It relies on the React library to create high-performance, responsive user interfaces.

Thanks to its ability to generate cross-platform applications, React Native has gained in popularity and is now used by our agency's developers NetDevices to respond to our customers' projects with efficiency and quality in the creation of a multitude of themes for your applications.

Social applications

React Native is particularly well suited to the development of applications that typically require a rich, dynamic user interface, real-time messaging and efficient data management. React Native allows you to create attractive, responsive user interfaces while delivering a fluid, high-performance user experience across different platforms.

E-commerce applications

E-commerce applications can also benefit from React Native. These applications require intuitive user interfaces, complex navigation systems and secure management of financial transactions. Thanks to its flexibility and ability to integrate with various payment gateways, React Native is a wise choice for the e-commerce application development.

Task management and productivity applications

React Native is also used to develop applications that require the programming of clear, functional user interfaces, as well as features for synchronizing and sharing data between multiple devices. React Native offers the tools needed to create high-performance, multiplatform applications that meet users' productivity needs.

Entertainment and media applications

The framework React Native is also ideal for developing applications requiring optimized multimedia content management, an attractive user interface and sharing and recommendation functionalities. React Native enables you to create high-performance, responsive applications that deliver an immersive user experience.

Health and fitness applications

Finally, React Native is also used to develop applications requiring customizable user interfaces, integration with sensors and tracking devices, and secure management of personal data. Thanks to its flexibility and ecosystem of extensions, React Native is an ideal choice for the development of these kinds of applications.

The framework React Native offers a multitude of possibilities for mobile application development. Thanks to its flexibility, performance and ability to generate cross-platform applications, it has become a preferred choice for our agency's developers NetDevices.