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Here are a few examples of customers who are satisfied with our expertise in designing and developing their MVPs:

NetDevices goes beyond technology to launch your MVP!

Many of our customers come to us with projects that are as yet undefined in terms of scope (rapidly evolving functionalities or unfinished interfaces). NetDevices  adapts its offer to provide support in addition to the technical aspects.

Thanks to our Studio MVPWe develop your project with a pragmatic approach to technical tools, key functionalities, the business model and the launch phases!

" MVP Studio ", our tailor-made tech & business support offer

The MVP Studio offer is based on the use of the most suitable technology, whether in nocode or in javascript or python... we choose in complete transparency so that you can have your MVP as soon as possible, and so that it corresponds as closely as possible to your future development needs.

At NetDevices, we use the agile method to ensure the success of your application web site. With this in mind, we have designed MVP Studio as a complete package.

The offer MVP Studio covers all the essential elements for creating an MVP (Minimum Viable Product):

  • A preliminary post-development phase: analysis of your business modeland your competitive environment.
  • Support in developing the marketing plan of the product.
  • A communication through our partner
  • Support in writing the business planWe've also been involved in the development of the company's business plan, cash flow plan and approach to incubators and gas pedals. For example, we went through Paris&Co French Web.

Entrust us with your MVP, and we'll produce it according to your needs. In technical terms, there are 2 main possibilities:

  • Design via for optimum responsiveness at very attractive costs
  • The design of a scalable, cloud and fullstack platform in javascript / pythonIf you have a clear vision of your business.

Are you looking for personalized support to bring your web development project to fruition quickly and efficiently? 

Write to us and choose an offer MVP Studio

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What is no-code? 

The no-code offers the possibility of creating a one-stop solution without using complex programming languages. So even if you're not a developer and don't master Java, its various frameworks, Python, HTML, XML or CSS, no-code is a solution.

This web development method enables companies to quickly create a a multitude of projects with advantageous financial conditions. She answers your urgent needs. This applies to both basic mobile applications and more complex ones, such as e-commerce platforms or marketplaces. 

Indeed, the no code allows many rapid iterations and favors the development of applications that are both responsive and interactive. The financial advantage of no-code allows the development of software projects that are not economically viable. 

No-code is the ideal intermediary between WordPress-type CMS and complex javascript code. 

Some examples of no-code

Given these benefits, the no-code ecosystem is growing. 

And with good reason, some apps that use no-code are real success stories. Here are just a few examples: 

  • Dividend, platform offering financing for all green energy homes. 
  • Qoins helps households pay their loans and debts automatically. The platform raised $750K in a fundraising event. 
  • Comet deal with agile IT freelancers. 
  • Followup Edge automates lead generation across multiple channels. The platform generated $30K just 6 months after its launch. 
  • There are also Shopify, Substack, Glide, Adalo and many others.

Tools for creating no-code include This is the premium solution for developing mobile applications. 

The aim is to be hyper-responsive by adopting greater agility, without having to resort to traditional investments to launch a Saas platform. 

The benefits of

It is currently the most flexible and powerful no code collaborative platform on the market. 

Key benefits: 

  • Easy to use. uses drag and drop to create interfaces. This means that all collaborators (e.g. designers) can make modifications. is no longer just for developers. 
  • A wide range of possibilities. lets you create complex workflows (such as ecommerce sites, social media, etc.). 
  • Data. Ghanks to an integrated database (Postgre SQL), keeps track of the various template blocks. Each block is used as a reference to speed up the creation of web applications. 
  • API. Bubble-io can connect to Rest APIs or expose an API, providing users with a varied and comprehensive offering,
  • Plugin. benefits from a large ecosystem of plugins (over 1000) and a large community of developers. 
  • Rapid iterations front-end, workflow, data structure, etc.

The disadvantages of

There are a few drawbacks, depending on the platform selected: 

  • Tool dependency & limited portability. It is possible to extract only the data, without the code. 
  • US-based server (unless dedicated server).
  • Average performance for large numbers of simultaneous users.
  • No native mobile version