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Learn more about Node.js

One of the engines under JavaScript the most efficient ones on the market! Here is simply what the Node.JS tool is that our developers use daily to imagine and design efficient, dynamic and attractive web and mobile applications for all sectors of activity.

Why Node.JS? For the many advantages it allows us to offer you: time saving in the development of your applications, wide possibilities of evolution and an exemplary maintainability.

True to our values of always offering our clients the most advanced means, technologies and methodologies in the digital sector, it is quite natural that theagency NetDevices web agency developer  has chosen to put its expertise on Node.js at the service of your web and mobile projects. Discover also : Bubble agency / Nocode agencyagency react JS / agency React native


Node.js, what is it?

Node.js is a development platform that uses the Javascript programming language. In reality, it is a library of this language which allows to realize actions such as the creation of file or the opening and closing of network connections. It is neither a real framework nor a server, Node JS is a free, non-blocking software that bases its performance on Google's V8 Javascript engine. Thanks to Node.js, we are able to design faster and more scalable mobile applications.

This technology allows a considerable saving of time in the creation of web and mobile applications. Indeed, while the Javascript language, which is the most used in the world of web programming, allowed until now the only development in front-end, ie client side, Node.js allows to work on the server side or back-end without having to change language.

Why does NetDevices use Node.js to build your mobile applications?

Netflix, Paypal, LinkedIn, IBM, Uber or NASA are among the renowned companies that use Node.js for their platform, a guarantee of confidence that is not the only one that convinced us to use this technology because Node JS also brings :

  • A great modularity and flexibility to your applications

Node.js has few features of its own so you have a lot of freedom on the modules you want to apply to it.

  • A non-blocking system

Waiting to finish and complete a task before starting a new one, a requirement that is the prerogative of many other technologies. With Node.js, there is no need to wait, we optimize the development phases by moving from one task to another without getting stuck in the design and integration process.

  • Coding requiring a single language

This is another time-saver made possible by Node.js, which allows the use of JavaScript alone in front-end development as well as in back-end.

  • Easy configuration

Practically everything is possible with Node.js: adding, deleting or modifying data in real time, collecting data from a form, generating dynamic content, intervening on files on the server...

Reasons to call NetDevices, your agency Node.js !

Beyond offering turnkey services for the development of your mobile applications on Node.js, NetDevices promises you faster, more affordable and high quality work.

The choice to use Node.js for the development of your web and mobile applications is motivated by the many benefits you can gain:

For your web applications
Call on programmers and developers who propose the creation of a rich, functional and dynamic website to meet your business challenges.

For your mobile applications
The benefits of a powerful technology to deliver native and responsive cross-platform mobile applications.

For our experience with Node.js
A complete mastery of the Node.js technology that allows us to suggest various customization solutions for an attractive and functional application mobile.

For the quality of your development UI/UX
Real-time user interface and user experience design for intuitive and engaging rendering.

For the development of plugins Node.js
Our experts in coding and Javascript programming language offer you the development of custom plugins that boost the performance and capabilities of your applications and websites.

You are looking for a 100% French team of developers, a multidisciplinary expertise and the proximity of a web agency specialized in the creation of web and mobile applications on Nodes.js !
NetDevices is the digital agency which meets all these criteria through a recognized expertise in web and mobile development on iOS and Android for a project conducted from A to Z with a master hand in programming and developing your applications.

You have a web project, a precise specification of your requirements or just a vague idea of your web presence? Contact us today, the best way to experience the difference and feel the dynamics that animate the entire team of NetDevicesyour agency Node.JS in Paris !