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ND is approved for the Innovation Tax Credit


NetDevicesyour web agency in Paris

The agency's strategy is to innovate in order to bring our customers the most advanced methodologies and technologies.

Discover the benefits of our CII approval.

Our Paris-based web agency offers you projects designed and produced 100% in France by a talented, multicultural team.

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"NetDevices contributed to the development of theapplication site monitoring system Alobees, a great team with whom we continue to work hand in hand to manage developments"

erwan baynaud alobees
Erwan Baynaud Founder ofAlobees

"We have been working with the NetDevices team for the past 2 years on successive versions of the Panorama mobile applications for the Air France Central CSE"

Olivier Jully
Olivier Jully Digital Marketing & Communication Director

"Working with NetDevices was an excellent experience in bringing the LFP Interview applications project to a successful conclusion. From the beginning of the project, the interface design phase and theUX which was complex, and then in the implementation, the team adapted to our needs."

Benoit Scorielle HBS Project Manager

"I'd like to highlight their excellent responsiveness and ability to act, adapting perfectly to our needs while dealing with deadlines that they managed to meet, which was almost vital for us at the time. Also the rigorous follow-up and effective project management (PMO) with David over the following months, as well as the professionalism demonstrated by the whole team."

martin-pennel nectargo
Martin Pennel Nectargo

"I highly recommend NetDevices to anyone looking to develop a application, not only for its technical expertise, but also for its ability to work closely with their customers."

Julie Dupouy
Julie Dupouy Creator of SommNinja

They trust us!

Solutions for web, mobile, cloud and data

Founded in 2009 initially to launch a B2C project, NetDevices has since evolved into a digital web agency / Bubble agencyNocode agencyagency NodeJSagency react JSagency React native

Our agency specializes in web, mobile, cloud, data and AI solutions. We implement innovative approaches to help you develop your digital strategy, lead a digital transformation project or even move your organization towards adopting Agile methodologies.
In addition to our technical expertise, we support you in your projects by addressing the following aspects design UX/UI and functionality. We can also assist you with business plan and business models. To achieve this, our web agency is made up of a multidisciplinary, international team. We also use the most high-performance tools to guarantee you personalized results tailored to your needs.

Our head office is in Paris. Over the past few years, we have adopted telecommuting. This way of working has developed with the Covid-19 crisis. Today, although the majority of our team is still based in Paris, we can be found all over the country.

Your web agency in Paris. Your Web, Mobile, Cloud & Data experts

When we founded our company, our ambition was to set up a "Spotify" for the daily paid press. The aim of the Corpuseo project was to offer Internet users the possibility of consulting all articles from different "paper" newspapers on a single platform. The project also included the creation of a tablet specifically designed for reading journalistic content. The origin of the company's name, NetDevicesNet" for the Internet and "Devices" for the hardware associated with the project. Initially, we were incubated at ENSAM to benefit from support for the industrial aspect of the project. We developed a prototype hardware and dedicated environment.

We wanted to offer attractive rates to the general public, while reducing the presence of intrusive advertising. To achieve this, we used semantic and language analysis tools to suggest related content. Unfortunately, after 18 months, the publishers decided to abandon the project.

Thanks to our R&D efforts, NetDevices has redirected its activity towards the provision of services. This gave rise to the Web2Mobile and Sharry solutions.

Today, as a web agency in Paris, we put our expertise at the service of our customers for the implementation of web & mobile digital solutions, deployment in the cloud, implementation of datalakes and integration of artificial intelligence algorithms (computer vision, natural language processing).

Our R&D solutions


In 2011, three years after the arrival of the first iPhone, only 5% of websites were mobile friendly. Making a site mobile could be time consuming and expensive. The Web2Mobile solution solves this problem. The solution makes your website responsive (i.e. it adapts perfectly to all mobiles and smartphones). Your customers and prospects can browse your site on their computer as well as on their smartphone.
A major advantage: your source code remains unchanged. You don't have to modify the tools you use. Everything is done automatically on our servers.

We can adapt the look and feel of your website. Thanks to a better design and mobile adaptationYou improve the user experience. And it helps to strengthen your natural referencing.

Our achievements with Web2Mobile :

  • Total uses it to make business travel management tools mobile.
  • Mutuelles SMI wins a major tender. How did it do it? By making its account management site mobile-compatible in just 3 months.
  • has been using it for 5 years. Millions of pages are generated every month.


To support companies in the development of a collaborative and sharing economy, NetDevices has created Sharry. This is a SaaS platform designed for marketplace-type projects, like Uber (connecting individuals and service providers, geolocation, integrated payments, etc.). Sharry enables a wide variety of IT projects to be designed quickly and risk-free.

For example,application collaborative is particularly effective in the VTC and cab sectors. The aim is to make it easier to put people in touch with each other to provide services. Although Sharry is inspired by Uber-type platforms, it is not limited to transportation. It can also be used for personal services, tourism (guides, photographers, etc.) or parking space sharing.

Whatever your project, Sharry offers a wide range of functions:

  • Real-time geolocation ;
  • Online payment (with data storage) ;
  • Visualization of providers, both available and on the map;
  • Ranking
  • etc.

Through Sharry, your web agency in Paris can provide you with a mobile solution that reflects your image. To this end, the platform is developed entirely in fullstack javascript (ReactJS, React Native, NodeJS, Redux, Jest, Mocha, etc.), with a micro-services architecture and the possibility of scaling. Its deployment in the cloud is managed by scripts terraform / kubernetes. The whole is container-managed docker.

Sharry is the basis of the project Fleetizen with several million races managed per year. To offer your services via innovative applications, contact us. 

Offer " MVP Studio

Many of our customers have approached us with projects whose outlines were still vague, with functionalities likely to evolve rapidly and interfaces not yet finalized. Rather than launching JavaScript developments directly, we now have the capacity to develop your project rapidly and on very advantageous financial terms.

By using, we meet this need for agility, responsiveness and speed, without requiring the traditional investments needed to launch a product or project. In 2021, we launched theoffer MVP Studio :

  • Upstream support in defining and positioning your product.
  • Product development in record time.
  • Coaching on commercial aspects, revenue model, positioning, business plan development and financing strategy with players such as BPI.

Innovative technologies from your web agency in Paris

Since our creation, we have always favored innovative technologies to support our projects. For example, we've been using React Native since its alpha release. We've been using fullstack JS for over 5 years. We develop microservices platforms, Docker Swarm, Redux, Jenkins, Jira, Scrum, Agile, technology watch, etc.

Complex platform

As experts in web, mobile, cloud and data, NetDevices is capable of responding to even the most complex projects. Whether you need a application iOS or Android application for your sales force, to showcase a product, to collect customer feedback, to manage employee interventions, or to redesign or create a website, we're there for you. Thanks to our expertise and our tools, we can provide you with results that are scalable and adaptable to your future needs.

Our technologies :

  • For javascript frameworks: reactJS, NodeJS, React Native, Angular, VueJS, Flutter, etc. With associated javascript libraries.
  • For automated tests: jest, mocha, jasmine, etc.
  • For quality and monitoring: datadog or prometheus, sonarqube.

NetDevices has always seen innovation as a driver of development and growth. That's why we use modern, high-performance technologies. This strategy enables us to bring the most advanced methodologies to our customers. In this way, we can help you create mobile applications and websites tailored to your specific needs.

Big Data

Today, to grow, companies need to take advantage of Big Data. Collecting and analyzing data not only improves sales operations (understanding the target, its expectations, etc.), but also increases the company's overall efficiency.

To help companies make the most of their data, NetDevices uses several solutions Big Data :

  • Datalake or data lake data storage.
  • Python web language specially adapted for big data. It transforms large data formats. It's an indispensable aid for developers.
  • Computer Vision artificial intelligence to analyze your data & facilitate decision-making.

No code

Creating a website requires specific coding skills. However, not all companies have the resources to hire a programmer or developer to create or develop their website.

That's why our Paris web agency offers you several no-code tools, such as, Wimpact projects, FrigoGusto and Pairing. Easy to use, these web solutions let you customize the components of your application mobile or site to your preferences. Simply use drag & drop to bring your web project to life.

Consulting of your web agency in Paris

In addition to the technical solutions offered by NetDevicesWe can also help you with your web projects thanks to our consulting services:

  • UX/UI Interface design: to ensure that interfaces meet user requirements perfectly.
  • Agile AGILE : implementation of the process for our customers to foster communication, continuous improvement and adaptation to change.
  • Web development Business development: supporting companies in their development strategy. This concerns both large groups and startups. Examples: AXA, Bayard, Alobees, Family Self Care, HBS, Groupe Cimes, Fleetizen, Sumi Agro, Pronos Direct, Infogreffe, ...

As an agency with expertise in web, mobile, cloud and data, don't hesitate to call on us to help you with your project.

NetDevices approved Innovation Tax Credit (CII)

For SMEs and startups, finding the necessary budget to finance innovation projects can sometimes prove difficult. And yet, the implementation of such projects is essential to ensure business development. To help these companies, the government has introduced an innovation tax credit. This scheme, aimed at SMEs, allows them to benefit from a 30% tax credit on their innovation expenditure.

In this context, your Paris web agency, NetDeviceshas obtained CII approval from the MESRI (French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation). This means you can benefit from a tax credit for all the innovation services you entrust to us.

Why choose NetDevices, our web development agency?

Opt for NetDevices as your agency web development, is to choose recognized expertise in the field of digitalwhere the design websites and digital tools is treated with a precision and creativity that aims for excellence.
As adigital agency based in Paris, we offer a wide range of services encompassing communication webweb visibility strategy and the development applications that enable companies of all sizes to grow and stand out in today's competitive environment.

Innovation and digital transformation

The creation web is not just about code and design, it's also about a careful strategy for solving problems and meeting needs. At NetDevices, we've taken this fundamental principle to heart, and this is where our skills really shine. We deploy solutions turnkey for customers seeking operational excellence, enhanced efficiency and maximum visibility.

Our agency from communication web excels in creating intuitive, high-performance web applications, ensuring that every customer gets a final digital product that not only meets but exceeds their business requirements. We integrate the latest technologies and market trends to guarantee the best possible solutions digital in line with the expectations of today's users.

Expertise and specialization

In addition to our services from developmentour focus is on management from project digital efficient and responsive. This means listening carefully to your needs, being constantly available and reacting quickly to ensure the success of every project, from concept to completion.
Our multi-disciplinary team will guide and advise you throughout the process, transforming your ideas into concrete, viable realities.

Tailor-made web solutions

Our solutions, developed with care and precision, enable you to strengthen your online presence, improve your business processes and boost your sales. communication web. With Net Devices you'll have the tools you need to turn your vision into reality and make a positive impact in your sector.

By associating yourself with the expertise of NetDevices, companies benefit from a trusted partner dedicated to implementing innovative solutions to meet your current and future challenges.
We turn challenges into opportunities, taking our customers' digital ambitions to new heights. You'll have access to a wide range of proven expertise, enabling you to navigate with confidence in the digital world. landscape digital and gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

Further details: 

Would you like to create a high-performance website, a dynamic mobile application or have access to flexible, easy-to-implement development solutions?

If you understand that societal challenges require a digital transformation based on a global, strategic vision and proven technologies, then NetDevices is your ideal partner. Your Paris web agency is at your service.

Questions & Answers

What are our customized web solutions to meet your needs?

Any project requiring web development expertise can be entrusted to our team.

Whether you're looking to create complex digital platforms, intuitive and attractive mobile and web applications, manage Big Data,application Machine Learning or Deep Learning, launch your MVP or carry out consultingIf you're looking for the right solution, you can rely on the wide range of skills offered by our team of developers, designers and technical project managers.

How to choose a application web site that reflects your company's image?

Application websites, custom e-commerce sites, application management systems, programming interfaces, communication solutions for your business software... Whatever your needs, our Parisian web agency offers you ingenious solutions, ergonomic technologies and responsive support to bring your web projects to fruition.

Together, let's build a application that meets your business requirements!

  • A customized application tailored to the specific characteristics of your market
  • A digital product accessible from a computer, a tablet or a smartphone
  • An app designed to efficiently manage innovative projects
  • A platform that sets you apart from the competition
  • A unique digital medium of which you are the sole owner
  • Scalable applications to ensure the continuity of your business processes

Whatever your function, be it sales, marketing, finance, administration, production or communications, it's essential to create a application or software solution that fits seamlessly into your corporate strategy. You also need to take into account your business constraints to facilitate your daily processes and give you a competitive edge in your market.

For all these reasons, it's crucial to work with a partner who can provide you with all the resources you need to make your web project a success. Expert in the development of complex solutions, your web agency NetDevices supports you with a team of passionate professionals specialized in all areas of the digital world. Ergonomics, user experience, digital marketing: nothing is neglected in our development approach, so that we can offer you efficient software and high-performance applications.

Listening, responsiveness, availability and the ability to make proposals are the qualities you'll find in the experts at NetDevices, our Paris web agency!