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About us

Created by cab industry veterans, Fleetizen stands out for its unique, bold approach. Its uniqueness stands up to the competition, Uber. It's a complete platform for managing passenger transport and parcel delivery. It offers a first-rate solution for cab dispatchers.


fleetizenThe NetDevices was asked to adapt the Sharry platform for Fleetizen customers. The aim was to create mobile applications for customers and cab drivers. Our team of experts worked to improve the dispatch system, event management, payment integration, Nexmo integration and advanced communication tools. Scalability and cloud deployment also had to be ensured.


fleetizenTo meet the specific needs of Fleetizen, NetDevices has employed a range of innovative technologies. These include: SharryReact Native, ReactJS, NodeJS, Google Cloud Platform, Google Directions API, Firebase, etc.

Our solution included :

  1. A back web office integrated with a call center.
  2. Mobile applications for customers and drivers.
  3. An adaptable platform for parcel delivery and passenger transport.
  4. A system for incident management, dispatching, real-time GPS positions, vehicle radar, re-dispatching in the event of a problem, management of complex requests, company management and integration of different payment methods.


The collaboration with NetDevices has enabled Fleetizen to position itself as a solid solution for cab dispatchers in the face of competition from Uber. The highly customizable and scalable platform we developed has enabled Fleetizen to manage its business efficiently, while providing an optimal user experience.


React Native
React Native
brand logo Sharry of Netdevices
Sharry by NetDevices


The main objective of this project was to create a solution that would combine robustness, flexibility and ease of use. Fleetizen wanted to offer its customers a platform that would rival the market giants, while remaining simple to use for cab drivers and customers alike. The NetDevices team rose to this challenge with flying colors, creating a tailor-made, reliable and easy-to-use solution that perfectly meets the expectations of Fleetizen and its customers.