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What is the agile method?

For their project management, companies often use a waterfall or V-cycle method. The idea is to work step by step until the objective set up in advance is reached. The disadvantages of this approach arise when unforeseen events occur.

The lack of agility makes it more difficult to adapt to any changes, whether they come from the internal or external structure. 
To overcome these weaknesses, there is the method agile. It is a functional approach based on 3 principles: 

  • Shortening the project cycle This involves defining a schedule with iterative and short-term phases. These iterations are called sprint in the language agile. 
  • Flexibility and adaptation Thanks to the incremental approach, this method makes it possible to adapt quickly to each situation and to gain in reactivity (particularly in the event of late delivery). This makes it easier to meet expectations and implement a policy of continuous improvement. 
  • Customer needs at the heart of the strategy (or user stories): whatever the project, the agility of this management method enables all solutions to be developed intelligently and efficiently. And therefore better customer satisfaction.  

Some of the best known agile methods include the Scrum, Kanban or Lean approach. 

The need for a consultant for development agile

The agile approach promotes the success of your IT projects, but to be effective it must be followed scrupulously throughout the development process. As such, the intervention of a management expert agile is fully indispensable. 

Our consultant will be able to reconcile the principles of the method with your company's organisational methods. As project manager, he will ensure that each entity respects its commitments and the different stages. 

Indeed, the agile methodology sometimes involves upheavals within the structure. For example, the abolition of the hierarchy, the change of management, the cooperation of teams, the empowerment, the flexibility, etc. To achieve such results, the intervention of a third party team agile seems more than necessary, whether to apply the right management methods or to use the framework. 

Amongst the specialists in the agile mode, there are traditionally two types of profiles: 

  • The scrum master It ensures that the progress of the project is not affected by various external events. 
  • The product owner He defines the roadmap and the product. He then ensures that the product meets the expectations of the company and the end customer. 

Expertise in web architecture and cloud deployment

As a web agency in Paris, expert in digital solutions, NetDevices accompanies you in the deployment of your web architecture. To this end, our agile teams master all the necessary tools to help you create an interface that suits you. For example, docker, terraform, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, AWS, IBM, etc.

Expertise in JS web development

application Whether for software development, website development or mobile development, NetDevices has all necessary Javascript skills in order to help you carry out your web project. Indeed, our developers master tools such as React JS, React Native, NodeJS, etc. 

In addition to our technical skills, we apply the agile method for your web development project. 

Expertise in Big Data 

Companies in all industries have a lot of dormant data. So to help you develop the full potential of your information, it is essential touse this dataWhether it is to improve your internal performance or to boost your sales. As such, our development team performs data cleansing, data sourcing, etc. 

UX/UI & web integration

The product interface is critical. Google with its search bar has relegated Yahoo to the state of a dinosaur.

A user-friendly interface that promotes the user experience is critical. We put at your disposal in project mode or in mode consulting our experts on these subjects.