Here are a few examples of customers who are satisfied with our expertise in the design and development of their mobile marketplace projects:

NetDevices has developed Sharry for the creation of geolocalized mobile marketplaces.

This SaaS platform allows you to create projects to connect individuals and service providers, with geolocation, integrated payments, ranking of service providers, real-time monitoring, etc. It is a collaborative software that facilitates project management and the development of your applications. 

Examples of similar projects known to all: deliveroo, uber-eats, uber, freenow, needeat, lyft, waave, Wingz,...

01. With Sharry, get started on your project and save time!

Sharry = Shared & Cherry!

Shared Share a good, a service, move the intermediaries, be mobile! Cherry because cherries are good!

In other words, Sharry is a SaaS platform which allows you to design mobile marketplace applications very quickly and without risk. Moreover, it is a collaborative work tool that optimizes collective intelligence and improves task management. 

With this interface and all its working tools, you have all the keys in hand to get started in the sharing economy and/or the circular economy!

With this workspace, you can easily save time and efficiency when working in project mode on your web or mobile applications. 

Sharry, to create a state-of-the-art web application

To create this platform, NetDevices and its team of developers have opted for a fullstack javascript development. We use the web technologies ReactJS, React Native, NodeJS, Redux, Jest, Mocha, etc. This allows us to design a micro-services architecture, and above all the possibility of scaling the interface while encouraging collaborative work. 

In addition to its development, Sharry is deployed in the cloud and managed by scripts terraform / kubernet

Thanks to our mastery of various frameworks and computer languages, we have created Sharry to provide you with a mobile solution that allows you to collaborate efficiently with all your teams. 

02. A wide range of possibilities for your web application

A multitude of possible projects

With the collaboration platform Sharry, it is possible to create a multitude of web applications. Here are some examples: 

  • Transport Your web agency NetDevices has developed numerous projects to connect drivers and users. 
  • Connecting people to services This may include babysitting, cleaning, sports coaching, etc. 
  • Tourism With collaborative applications, it is possible to easily find guides, photographers, hotels, restaurants, activities.
  • Employment application simplifies the meeting between an employer and his future employee. 

And many other ideas for web or mobile applications. So if your company is developing a solution for users, make it easy for them to access using Sharry. 

Some examples of mobile application development

More specifically, here are some examples ofapplication digital development carried out with Sharry : 

Web applications in transport 

Because Sharry is inspired by the Uber model, our solution is mostly used to create applications in this sector. 


With several million races managed per year, Sharry is the basis of the Fleetizen. Faced with competition, taxi companies have had to reinvent themselves. The mobile app Fleetizen has come to their aid. Through this progressive web app, taxis have a turnkey tool to organise their day. More specifically, they can declare themselves available or busy to receive rides, consult their ride history, receive alerts, declare their income, etc. And all these features have been made possible thanks to Sharry. 


Althes is a transport company for people with reduced mobility. Their objective: to facilitate access to care and travel through personalised and comfortable services. And to facilitate exchanges with patients, there is nothing like a web application. Thanks to Sharry, Althes simplifies contact between its users. This involves improving the interface UX/UIThe development of theapplication mobile driver and booker, and the back-admin interface. 


Doctocar helps all drivers who find themselves stranded on the road. How do they do this? This mobile application puts them in touch with each other. Here again, Sharry has been involved in developing this web application and making life easier for many users. 

Other areas of use of web apps

Beyond transport, Sharry allows us to create different types of applications in a wide range of fields.  


Baby'lib helps all parents to find a babysitter. Thanks to geolocation, contact and a simplified payment system, parents can enjoy their evening and students can earn pocket money by looking after children. And to develop their web application, Baby'lib called on NetDevices and its solution Sharry. 


Finding a parking space, what a pain! But that's without counting on the imagination of the two founders of Parki. Their mobile users can reserve a parking space vacated by another user. This is possible thanks to their web app available on Google Play and Apple Store. 

This collaboration and sharing tool allows your customers to save time on a daily basis. 


To enable users to book ambulances, Paramedic also used Sharry. Our solution has made it possible to create a collaborative mobile application thanks to all its functionalities. Between tracking, fleet management and dispatch, patients and paramedics have an interface to communicate efficiently. 

03. Discover the main features of Sharry

Sharry enables us to develop iOS and Android applications for users and service providers, with features such as :

  • Real-time geolocation of service providers 
  • Use without an account (until payment)
  • Visualisation of available "providers
  • The possibility of seeing the "provider" arrive on a map
  • Ranking of service providers and the establishment of accurate statistics
  • Credit card registration (with integrated payments, Stripe)

And of course, to help you design a application mobile web that looks like you, we also focus on ergonomics, user experience, responsive design, etc. With Sharry, you have a collaborative tool to facilitate project management, productivity, teamwork, agility, communication, etc. In other words, all the ingredients needed to lay the foundations for successful collaboration. 

So whatever solution you develop, contact NetDevicesyour digital agency in Paris and use Sharry to create your web application, develop a collaborative solution for each user (internal and external), and above all, to accelerate your digital transformation.

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04. Develop your own Uber application in record time with Sharry !

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