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Quantic Dream is a French developer and publisher of video games such as "Detroit: Become Human" and "Beyond: Two Souls". The studio, founded by David Cage in 1997, is based in Paris and Montreal. Its reputation and recognition are recognized worldwide. Its singular identity denotes a passion for creating unique and engaging narrative experiences. Their team is made up of talented developers, artists and storytellers. Quantic Dream is always pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of video games. Innovation is at the heart of the studio's spirit.


The complexity and scale of Quantic Dream's projects required a robust internal planning solution.  NetDevices was tasked with developing a customized tool. The latter was then able to integrate all epics and stories from the JIRA tool into a GANTT. The results of these tasks improve follow-up, communication and collaboration between teams.

With this in mind, we have co-written with our developer, Vincent, a case study detailed technique entitled Integrating a complex library into a react.js project: a case study of Bryntum Scheduler ". This article from blog is directly linked to the Quantic Dream project. It offers valuable insights into the technical challenges and solutions involved in this successful digital transformation.

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NetDevices created a customized planning interface. This involved using a combination of state-of-the-art tools such as Figma, React.jsJira, Node.js and Docker. This interface offers a holistic vision of epics and multi-project resources. It highlights links, dependencies and the organization of studio access. With specific search functions and internal reporting options, the interface is fully adapted to Quantic Dream's precise needs. The aim is to ensure maximum transparency and optimized project management.


The implementation of this planning tool has had a significant impact on Quantic Dream's efficiency. The customized interface has enabled a significant improvement in project management, requiring less time and optimizing resources. It has also improved inter-team communication and collaboration. The result is increased productivity and team satisfaction.


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The main challenge of this project was to understand and integrate Quantic Dream's complex internal processes into a single, intuitive interface. In addition, there was the large amount of data required. As a result, the developers had to be rigorous to ensure perfect synchronization between the interface and JIRA. Thanks to our expertise in web development and our in-depth understanding of the customer's needs, we were able to meet these challenges. To the customer's delight, we delivered an effective, tailor-made planning tool.