Alkalee : Redéfinition de l’interface logicielle

Sculpting an optimal interface for fast, secure integration of functionalities with React.js and Node.js

Alkalee - Euphilia

About us

Alkalee is an innovative startup that has created a dynamic software suite. This focuses on facilitating the integration of functionalities for a complex platform. In addition, they have developed an innovative modeling and deployment tool called Euphilia. This enables new functions to be designed and their integration validated. Alkalee's products can be found at application in fields ranging from automotive to embedded artificial intelligence and industry 4.0.


Alkalee came to find NetDevices avec un besoin spécifique. C’est à dire la création d’une interface intuitive et performante qui permettra à leurs utilisateurs de tirer le meilleur parti de leur suite logicielle complexe. Ils recherchaient une solution qui offre une expertise technologique polyvalente. Elle devait également apporter une expérience utilisateur riche et inégalée. Le design a été réalisé sur Figma et le développement avec une intégration complète au moteur existant.

Euphilia alkalee


At NetDevices, we're committed to rising to the challenge. We have used React.js and Node.js. These are two of the most powerful development technologies available today. We designed and developed a complete and interactive user interface. Our team worked tirelessly to understand the complexities of Alkalee's software suite. The aim was to deliver a solution that not only met their needs, but exceeded them.


The result of our collaboration with Alkalee has been a remarkable increase in efficiency. There has also been an increase in the productivity of users of their software suite. The new interface enables faster, more reliable integration of functionalities. This gives their customers the freedom to focus on innovation rather than integration.


React Native
React Native


The challenge of the project was to understand the complexity of the Alkalee software suite. We also had to translate this complexity into a simple, intuitive user interface. However, thanks to our expertise in web development and our mastery of ReactJS and NodeJS technologies, we successfully met this challenge. As a result, Alkalee has a solution that not only met, but exceeded their expectations.