Firecell: implementation of a Network Management System to test & operate a 5G network

Firecell is a French Tech DeepNum award-winning start-up. It facilitates 5G connectivity for industry players.


About us

Firecell, a fast-growing start-up, works at the cutting edge of technology to bring connectivity solutions to industry. It was founded in May 2021 by four entrepreneurs. They have 20 years of expertise in the telecommunications industry. In the age of digitization and the Internet of Things, Firecell is a key player in the development and democratization of 5G networks. Firecell has focused its strategy on open-source, and is a contributing member of the OpenAirInterface.

Firecell operates and markets the first open-source 4G and 5G software suite to support manufacturers wishing to deploy private networks.


Our mission at NetDevices is to support Firecell in the development of the NMS, a complex platform.

We took charge of defining the architecture, developing the Network Management System (NMS), integrating with the 4G / 5G network core, and implementing a CI/CD (Integration chain, Deployment chain with Gitlab CI and with specific integrations with network components).

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Thanks to our expertise in Figma, Python and React.jsWe have put in place a series of solutions to meet Firecell's needs. Our multi-faceted approach is based on several tools/technologies.

We began by defining a flexible, scalable system architecture. This integrates Firecell's specific requirements. Thanks to our mastery of Python and React.js, we built a robust NMS capable of efficiently managing 5G network traffic and resources.

Automation is also a crucial element in ensuring optimum efficiency and reliability in the deployment of a 5G network. This is why we have set up a Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) chain. This chain automates the process of testing and validating CORE and RAN components. The aim is to improve the speed and quality of delivery of each version.

In addition, it's important to maintain accurate monitoring and constant system optimization. With this in mind, we have developed tailor-made log management tools in Python. These tools collect, store and analyze log data. This facilitates the identification and rapid resolution of potential problems.

A crucial aspect of any platform is the user experience. For this, we used Figma. This is a state-of-the-art interface design tool. The aim is to develop an intuitive and efficient user interface that matches Firecell's vision and expectations.

Each of these solutions has been implemented with meticulous attention to detail and solid web development expertise. Today, Firecell has a high-quality 5G network management platform.


NetDevices 's intervention has had a significant impact on Firecell's business. The platform developed facilitates operations linked to 5G network optimization. It also enables Firecell to improve its service and expand its customer portfolio. The deployment of this platform confirms the start-up's status as a leader in 5G network management.


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Our collaboration with Firecell has not been without its challenges. The complexity of 5G technology, coupled with Firecell's specific requirements, pushes us to innovate to find unique solutions. From setting up the CI/CD chain to log management, every step required careful thought. We also had to ensure precise implementation. However, thanks to our determination and expertise, we were able to overcome these challenges and deliver a high-quality solution.