HBS: Video broadcasting platform for the French Professional Football League (LFP)

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About us

Since 1999, Host Broadcast Services (HBS) has been a key player in the world of sports. HBS and its expertise deliver sound and images for the world's most prestigious sporting events. They are committed to optimizing broadcasting and enhancing media rights with unfailing reliability. To this end, they support organizers and broadcasters in their missions.


HBS was faced with a major challenge. HBS is responsible for the compliance of broadcaster-activated match feeds for a major sports league. They needed a technology partner capable of designing and developing an innovative, secure and easy-to-use digital solution. That's where our agency, NetDevicescomes into play.



We have created a digital platform dedicated to the rights holders of the Ligue de Football Professionnel (LFP). The aim is to provide access to live streams of competitions and their archives. A series of technologies have been chosen for integration: Node.jsAngular, Video.js, Dash, CasperJS, Phantom.js, Mocha.js, OVH and AWS. This complex platform offers a range of unique features. These include the ability to enrich videos with tags that allow users to search for particular moments and download related segments. The whole package is available with different shooting angles.


Thanks to its user-friendly interface (UX/UI), has enabled LFP clubs to better distribute their content and enhance the value of their media assets. It also enhances the experience for viewers and fans. It has also enabled HBS to guarantee the conformity of match coverage. Their reliability and reputation in the market have also increased.

In addition, we have created a detailed blog article dedicated to the challenges of complex platforms like this one. This content provides an in-depth understanding of these systems. It also illustrates the significant impact of our work on the HBS business. If you're interested in learning more about the behind-the-scenes of complex platforms, we invite you to read this article.




There were two main challenges to this project.

  • The first was to ensure integration with back video (Globecast) to guarantee smooth, high-quality live broadcasts.
  • The second challenge was to build an intuitive and robust platform capable of handling large quantities of video content.

At NetDevices, we're proud to have overcome these challenges thanks to our expertise in web development and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

In short, our agency is delighted to have collaborated with BHS on the project to create their innovative, reliable and user-friendly video platform, which has had a significant positive impact on their business. In addition, we are continuing our collaboration with HBS to further improve and optimize this platform. This confirms our commitment to providing quality, sustainable technological solutions to our customers.