Promotal and NetDevices, a partnership to redefine the digital medical experience

Improving access to care with telemedicine

Promotal Eloi

About us

Promotal is a key company in the Eloi Group. It has dominated the French medical furniture market since 1963. Its range of equipment is broad and diversified. It meets the needs of many healthcare professionals. Their customers include general practitioners, specialists, hospitals and clinics. Their major innovation has been the adoption of stainless steel in the manufacture of furniture. This choice has improved patient hygiene and safety. Their production site is located in Ernée, France. This guarantees the exceptional quality of their products. In 1983, they launched the first height-adjustable examination couch. Today, they offer complete solutions for equipping medical practices. Promotal continues to set the standard in its field.


Promotal asked NetDevices to participate in the growth of its existing platform. This platform integrates telemedicine solutions to provide remote medical assistance. Our challenge was to design web & mobile telemedicine applications that were both user-friendly and highly secure. We were also asked to set up a continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) system.


Thanks to an effective combination of technologies Docker, React.js and Node.jsOur team developed secure and intuitive web & mobile telemedicine applications. Docker enabled efficient container management for the applications. In addition, React.js and Node.js offered outstanding performance for a first-rate user experience. In addition, our CI/CD system facilitates rapid updates and corrections, contributing to faster and more reliable delivery.


The collaboration between NetDevices and Promotal has had a major impact. Indeed, the agency's work has strengthened Promotal's position as a leader in the medical field. Thanks to the implementation of telemedicine solutions, Promotal's medical practices have become more efficient and accessible. Patients now benefit from remote consultations, improving the quality of care. The adoption of Docker, React.js and Node.js technology has made applications more powerful and reliable. These advances have enabled Promotal to differentiate itself in the market. As a result, the company continues to respond innovatively to the needs of healthcare professionals. In short, NetDevices is helping Promotal move into a new era of medical examination.




Promotal's main objective in working with NetDevices was to integrate technological innovation into their existing solutions. The need to implement a CI/CD environment to improve productivity and reliability was paramount. The company also wanted to develop web-based telemedicine applications to meet new market demands.

The task was not an easy one. Several challenges had to be overcome, including the integration of modern technologies such as Docker, React.js and Node.js in a field as sensitive as healthcare. However, thanks to the expertise and perseverance of the NetDevices team, these obstacles were overcome, giving rise to efficient and reliable solutions tailored to the requirements of the medical world.