Web development for the medical sector, how NetDevices helps endodontics with EndoData

A customized application web site to modernize the work of endodontists


About us

EndoData is a startup publishing an innovative solution developed by endodontists. The aim is to support and facilitate the day-to-day work of healthcare professionals. Their ambition is to create a tool that enables the collection of clinical data, and a synthetic but exhaustive view of information on previous appointments. Endodata software offers a variety of ways of analyzing and retrieving this information. This clinical and scientific project began in 2016 and is supported by the region Île de France.


EndoData has chosen to entrust NetDevices to develop the project further. We have therefore developed new functionalities for this application web application to meet the specific needs of endodontists. Endoata makes it possible to promote, organize and analyze clinical data efficiently. This data can be reproduced in a variety of ways. These include :

  • Automatically generated reports for patients and correspondents
  • Patient follow-up summaries
  • Analysis of the healthcare professional's activity
  • Presentations when cases are shared between practitioners


Thanks to our team's expertise in web development, we were able to use a range of advanced technologies. The aim was to create the software EndoData wanted.

Initially, we chose Figma for the design of the user interface. This offers a unique, optimal user experience and a fluid customer journey. The architecture ofapplication was then based on Node.js. This technology delivers unrivalled performance and flexibility for real-time applications.

In addition, Vue.JS was chosen for the frontend. It's an ideal technology for building dynamic, efficient user interfaces.

Last but not least, Electron has made it possible to compile a fat client and better master client environments.


Thanks to our collaboration, EndoData has been able to offer a solution that is unique in its market. Endodontists now have a tool capable of rapidly processing and analyzing clinical data. This optimization has enabled healthcare professionals to save precious time in their daily practice and improve patient care.

For example, the endodontist archives patient data for each session in less than a minute. Reports are generated with a single click. He also has rapid access to the history of each of his patients.




The challenge of this project was to understand and anticipate the specific needs of endodontists. This is a highly specialized field. We worked closely with the customer to meet this need. We had to combine the medical expertise of the EndoData team with the web development know-how of our agency.

Another essential point is data confidentiality. This is a major concern in the healthcare sector. We have therefore taken great care to develop a secure application that complies with health data protection standards.

In this way, we were able to demonstrate our flexibility and adaptability to carry out this innovative project and contribute to the improvement of medical practice.

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