Complex platforms

Do you have a web project requiring the development of a complex platform, and are you wondering about technologies and methods?

Go no further. 

Go behind the scenes of the web.

Dive into the world of complex platforms (real-time, data, AI, high traffic volume, data visualization, geolocation, etc.)

Join our satisfied customers who have chosen our agency to turn their vision into reality.

The expertise of NetDevices can support you in the construction of such a project, from the initial conception to the final online launch.

Getting started. What is a complex platform?

In web development, it's a set of interconnected technologies, services and functionalities that make it possible to provide a sophisticated web solution meeting the specific needs of a company or organization.

In this way, the complex platform can include a wide range of functionalities. A complex database to store and manage theapplication web data. A robust, scalable server to handle user requests. Numerous data analysis and visualization tools to meet your needs. Real-time messaging, notification and communication services. Multiple advanced security features to protect data and users. Integrations with third-party services, such as social networks and payment services. Admittedly, the examples are numerous.

The classic organization of a complex platform consists of several elements, most often a public website, a conversion tunnel, a login area and an administrator area (back office).

Building such a platform is essential for developing a new offer, targeting prospects, building customer loyalty, improving the user experience (UX), the quality of information delivered, the conversion rate, your sales and your productivity.

Entrust the design of your complex platform to NetDevices

An effective complex platform needs to be simple and relevant. Another key element is the design, which corresponds to the visual identity of your company or organization.

It's also important to avoid pitfalls. One bad practice to avoid is copying and pasting from websites you've already created, which has a serious impact on the positioning of your company or organization.

Netdevices can support you. We have the expertise, skills and technical tools to create such a platform. It will be secure, scalable and perfectly suited to the specific needs of your IT project. Whether it's for a website, a mobile application or an online platform, our multi-disciplinary team will rise to the challenge and offer you a tailor-made solution.

Know-how NetDevices

The development of complex platforms requires a web agency to acquire significant experience in the design, development, deployment and maintenance of sophisticated web projects.

For over 14 years, NetDevices has been meeting the specific needs of its customers, as well as the technical challenges, constraints and business issues associated with each project entrusted to us.

Our team therefore has extensive knowledge of the programming languages, frameworks and technologies required. We have the ability to manage the technical, financial and organizational aspects of the complex platform you want to develop. We have a proven track record in managing complex web projects. 

As an example, we have already collaborated with several companies such as : 

  • HBS (Host Broadcoast Services) and Ligue de Foot (sports-related tools)
  • Need Eatfor a service similar to Uber eats and Deliveroo
  • Endodata (healthcare software)
  • Promotal Eloi (telemedicine)
  • Novastack (telecom invoice validation tools)
  • Alobees (construction site management)

The way the agency works is based on the methodology Agile. It guarantees the quality, security, performance and scalability ofapplication web. It enables close collaboration with the customer through open and transparent communication, ensuring that needs and expectations are respected throughout the design process. This type of methodology is based on an iterative process.

In addition, we maintain a constant technological watch. The agency keeps abreast of new technologies, market trends and industry best practices. Our aim is to offer the most innovative and effective solutions to our future customers.

The future of complex platforms

Web technologies are constantly and rapidly evolving. The complex platforms involved in this evolutionary process must therefore offer new solutions to meet user needs. 

These will be increasingly linked to AI (machine learning, deep learning) to enhance the user experience (UX). It will be possible to automate processes, further improve data security and obtain ever more useful and relevant insights. Personalization and optimization ofUX will remain at the heart of the evolution of complex platforms. These will take the form of online solutions (remote management, flexibility, etc.). The synergy between web and mobile technologies will also be stronger. Complex platforms will also develop by integrating blockchain technology (greater security and transparency) and intelligent contract management functions. Data Science (a vast multidisciplinary field aimed at making sense of raw data) will play an important role, with the design of advanced data analysis functionalities.

It's clear that, for the foreseeable future, complex platforms will continue to be essential elements of Web development. 

That's why NetDevices is always on the lookout for the best solution for your IT projects.