Sharrya platform for designing customized mobile uber-like or marketplace projects

BtoC / CtoC

Netdevices offers tailor-made Maketplace applications. Whether it is a marketplace product, service or rental, our team will guide you through the entire process of creating your platform.

Users will be able to buy, sell and rent goods and services via your collaborative marketplace.


In addition, we give you the option of using an intermediary/regulator for the matching procedure (see uber-like applications in the ambulance sector below).

So call on our team of experts to design your marketplace. BtoB / BtoC / CtoC thanks to Sharry !

Sharry !

Sharry is a SaaS platform for creating marketplaces developed by our team. It is primarily based on the spirit of thesharing economy. This platform allows us to offer you a wide range of functionalities such as :

  • The creation of user profiles (ex : "providers", "suppliers", "applicants")
  • Simplified integration of a map/geolocation system
  • Integration of profile-based rankings (ratings and reviews)
  • Real-time information updates
  • The integration of a push notification system
  • Making contact
  • Sharing photos, comments
  • etc.

We ensure that your brand identity is maintained through a customized design. We can also integrate your logo, colors, images, etc. .

Here we present some of our customer projects carried out with the help of Sharry.

Our customer projects with Sharry


Logo Parki of Netdevices SA

Parki is a application developed by our team for one of our anonymous clients. This mobile platform aims to allow users to book/sell or share parking spaces.

Examples of features:

  • Selling or sharing parking spaces
  • Real time update of available places
  • Geolocation and push notifications
  • Integrated Payment Solution


Logo babylib the uber of nannies

Baby'lib called on our team to create a marketplace platform. The platform was designed to put parents in touch with babysitters based on their geolocation.

Examples of features:

  • Distinction between "parents" and "babysitters" accounts
  • Geolocation and push notifications system
  • Registration system, creation of customisable profiles
  • Post / reply to an ad, leave comments and reviews
  • Contact between parents and babysitters
  • Integrated payment system, based on packages


Paramedic logoWe also developed 3 "Uber-like" applications for a customer in the ambulance sector in less than a year. Our aim is to facilitate and modernize the management of ambulance services.

In addition, several players are also involved in the applications. For example :

  • Healthcare professionals
  • Ambulance dispatchers
  • Drivers and ambulance drivers
  • Cab drivers
  • Directors

Examples of features:

  • Patient file (name, first name, sex, ...) with pick-up address and destination address
  • Integration of an intermediary profile (ambulance dispatchers): their role is to put callers (doctors, nurses, etc.) in touch with providers (ambulance drivers, taxi drivers, etc.)
  • Geolocation and tracking of patients to destination
  • Reporting incidents to ambulance dispatchers