Atlassian: towards an improved developer workflow

Inspired by Agile Methods, Atlassian offers a suite of software designed to improve the workflow of developers. NetDevices is interested in this suite.

Atlassian & Agile Methods

Managing IT projects with the Agile methods is to set up a working environment based on collaboration and communication between the different actors of the project and the client.

The main aim of such an organization is therefore tooptimise project management through a better organisation of the workflow. This will be achieved through principles such as :

  • Planning to reduce or even optimize lead times
  • The collaboration and active participation of each team member
  • Continuous testing and delivery: this will involve greater customer involvement. Indeed, automatic testing and continuous delivery of test versions will result in regular customer feedback. This will allow for greater responsiveness and flexibility, and will also have a positive impact on lead times.

There are different Agile methods, including Scrum, EXtreme programming and Rapid Application development.

What is the link between Atlassian and Agile methods?

Inspired by the Agile approach, the software proposed by Atlassian will contribute to the optimisation of the management of IT projects.

The Atlassian Suite

The Atlassian platform provides developers with a set of tools to improve and streamline their workflow.

Planning, Monitoring, Delivery


Programming, development, delivery