Iphone with theapplication panorama of Air France

Mobile applications for the tourism sector

The smartphone in the tourism sector

Internet users use their smartphone to search for information. They can therefore use their cell phones for tourism. Today, 20% of worldwide sales in the tourism sector are made via mobile (2).

According to a study by Digitalscobe (1), cell phones are playing an increasingly important role in our daily lives. As they do, the options and number of functionalities increase. 50% of cell phone users use their phone as their main tool for accessing the Internet. At the same time, 80% of time spent on the mobile is spent using applications.

NetDevices introduces you to two applications developed in the tourism sector.

Tookki, theapplication of discovery of eco-friendly places and services

Tookki (3) is a sustainable & responsible concept that aims to limit the ecological impact of its users' outings, leisure activities and travel.

To support this eco-friendly project,application is simple. It makes searching easy:

  • an eco-friendly hotel
  • of an organic restaurant
  • of a green activity.
  • of a slow-fashion business
  • of zero emission transport.

L'application lists all the good ideas for responsible living in Paris. This includes food, activities and transport.

With already 100 places referenced in Paris, this application is the best companion to travel while respecting the environment and local populations thanks to an involved community. The content is selected and verified using simplified selection criteria.

In addition, application is equipped with a map allowing the user to geolocate himself at any time and to search for good deals around him. They can exchange with other users and share their experience directly fromapplication, thus creating a real community.

This application is developed with React Native and is available on Android and iOS.

Air France Panorama

theapplication mobile for the sale of CE (Comité Entreprise) stays

Air France Panorama (4) is a mobile application for Air France employees.

This application allows its users to find all the necessary information on the stays offered by the Works Council as well as to manage their stay reservations.

NetDevices worked hand-in-hand with Air France's CE (Comité d'Entreprise) to develop a fully-featured application .

  • List and details of trips
  • Favourites management
  • Share
  • Maps of holiday destinations, etc.

We supported this project from front-end development through to deployment. application has been developed using the React Native. It is available on Android and iOS.

To conclude, here are the technologies we used for these projects:

  • Development tools: React Native, React.js, Node.js and SailsJS.
  • Testing tools: Jest, Jenkins, Sonarqube.
  • Our cloud tools and platforms: Docker Kubernetes, Terraform, Google Cloud Platform and Azure.

1) https://fr.digitalsobe.com/statistiques-dutilisation-mobiles-%E2%80%A8
2) Atout France :
3) https://www.tookki.com/
4) https://www.netdevices.fr/portfolio/cce-air-france/