Create your Uber-like marketplace project with Sharry

Uber-like market place with Sharry

If you have an Uber-style sharing economy project and are looking for the ideal tool to implement it, you've come to the right place. How, for whom, why... NetDevices explains it all.

1- What is Sharry ?

Sharry is a SaaS platform designed for collaborative sharing projects or service offerings. It helps users to geographically locate service providers, for example, or other members of a community, and boosts exchanges between users.

2- What could Sharry bring to your project?

You have a great idea for a sharing economy that could make life easier for everyone, but :

  • No technical team to create the software
  • you want to implement your services quickly
  • Need for a tool that is accessible to all and has proven itself
  • Create a application that can be downloaded on the stores and on all media

Sharry is the solution to all the technological challenges that prevent you from realising your marketplace project. By entrusting the technical aspect to our teams, you have peace of mind.

3- Who is Sharry aimed at?

Whether you are a professional or a private individual, Sharry opens up perspectives to all those who wish to set up and deploy a concept based on collective sharing. Thanks to this platform and your idea of participatory action, you could modernise lifestyles, facilitate access to a service, and even create new automatisms!

It is the perfect tool for self-employed professionals, personal service providers or any project in the spirit of the sharing economy.

Sharry can be deployed for all personal service professions: nurses, teachers, chefs, mechanics, locksmiths, painters, photographers, guides, and all professionals who seek to boost their business through home service.

The platform can also be used by individuals who wish to create a participatory community (the so-called C2C model) where everyone can offer a service to help their fellow man or find friends: pet-sitting, walks, playgroups, sports teams, artistic workshops, mutual aid, etc.

The user - whether a professional or a customer - will find the navigation easy and convenient. They will soon integrate it into their daily lives and your marketplace Sharry will become indispensable, even indispensable.

4- Yes, but what else?

A team of professionals who will support you to realise your vision and implement your application. The frameworks React Native, React JS; Node Js and SailsJS are used as development tools and the platform is tested with Jest, Jenkins and Sonarqube... devices that have been widely proven. The project can be deployed on cloud or dedicated environments with dockerkubernetes, Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Terraform, OVH.


But you still have doubts or questions? Just contact click here and our team of experts will propose the best solutions for you.