Fleetizen, the digital platform for the mobility sector

NetDevices recently told you about Sharry.
In addition, Fleetizen uses Sharry to offer a digital platform and high-performance services to support the transformation and modernization of players in the mobility sector: innovation, quality of service, productivity.

What is Sharry ?

Sharry is a SaaS platform. It enables Uber-type projects to be set up quickly and risk-free. It can be used for a variety of projects in the VTC / Taxi / Transport sector, as part of a personal services platform, for tourism applications, or for parking.

The Fleetizen platform was developed thanks to Sharry. Indeed, the solution offered by Netdevices helped them set up their business. This was made possible thanks to UX/UIapplication mobile Driver, Booker and back-admin.

Development of Fleetizen, the transformation platform for the mobility sector

Created by cab industry experts, Fleetizen provides cab dispatchers with a platform for managing competition with Uber. application also offers a range of functionalities, including cab, VTC and parcel delivery reservations, as well as geo-localized fleet management (incidents, dispatching, real-time GPS positions).

Fleetizen Driver

Fleetizen Driver helps drivers get through their working day:
- Declaration of availability to start racing
- Receipt of race offers
- Acceptance or rejection of offers
- Find out where to meet the customer by geolocation
- Consult race history
- Mailbox consultation
- Declaration of the cost of the journey
- Etc.

Thanks to the functionalities ofapplication, working days are automated, and drivers can have a real-time overview of their completed and forthcoming errands: a precious time-saver in their daily routine.

The advantages of Fleetizen

Fleetizen allows users to automate their processes.

Thanks toapplication mobile (React Native), they are able to automate their telephone orders. Theapplication is equipped with an interactive voice server, as well as dedicated "hotel & restaurant" tools to generate significant cost reductions. It is also ergonomically designed to optimize operator input speed on non-automated calls.
Automated race event management maximises customer satisfaction while reducing operator workload.

Fleetizen improves customer relations

Equipped with modern customer relationship management tools (graphic and marketing content creation, automation, CRM, Helpdesk), Fleetizen enhances your brand with your customers and can reach a new audience.

... and boost your income

Less management, more revenue! As well as making management easier,application also features innovations that make life easier for customers: one-click payment, personalized preferences and third-party ordering.

In addition, the experts at Fleetizen offer their clients their extensive experience in shared mobility to enable them to develop new markets: a new clientele attracted by lower prices without impacting profitability.

Features & technologies

The Fleetizen platform also offers a multi-channel offering based on attractive, high-end white-label interfaces.
For customers: mobile app, ordering website, call centre software, intelligent voice server, connected buttons...
For users: management of shopping, real-time assistance, information on high-demand areas, messaging, administration, etc.

Technologies Netdevices : Sharry, React Native, ReactJS, NodeJS
Software : Kubernetes, Terraform, Docker, Sonarqube
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