Technical redesign ofapplication mobile AlcooTel by MAAF with React Native

Securing and optimizing theapplication AlcooTel system for assessing blood alcohol levels.


About us

AlcooTel by MAAF is an innovative application mobile device designed to help individuals monitor their blood alcohol levels. It has been launched to coincide with the Euro 2020 soccer tournament. Its objective is clear: to promote safety on the road and reduce incidents/accidents linked to drink-driving. The aim is to provide motorists with an easy, accessible way of monitoring their blood alcohol level. It helps them to know whether or not it's safe to drive.

However,application needed a technical overhaul to guarantee user safety.


MAAF is a mutual insurance company based in Niort. MAAF has chosen NetDevices for a complete technical overhaul. Indeed, theapplication mobile AlcooTel had become obsolete in terms of security and the technical frameworks used in the previous version.

NetDevices So we technically overhauledapplication (but kept theUX/UI) using a more recent and safer technical stack with react native. This update also ensured compliance with Apple Store and Google Android Play requirements.

The ergonomic aspect ofapplication was not our field of intervention. We ensured that the technical improvements did not detract from the overall user experience. application has become more fluid, with better performance and wider coverage of compatible terminals.

At the launch of the new version, we also integrated the Appsflyer installation tracking solution, enabling MAAF to track the impact of its communication campaigns on downloads.

This collaboration marked a new stage in MAAF's commitment to providing quality services to its customers.


NetDevices used the technology React Native for the technical redesign ofapplication AlcooTel by MAAF. React Native is a solution that meets the mission's security objectives. What's more, this technology ensures portability between different mobile platforms. This also means thatapplication remains accessible to a wider range of users.


The redesign ofapplication AlcooTel has had a significant impact on the user experience. Users can now access a more secure interface to monitor their blood alcohol levels. Finally, this improvement has increased the number of active users and boosted user confidence inapplication.


React Native
React Native


The challenges of this project were to guarantee compliance with blind requirements, ensure the security ofapplication and improve the user experience. By using React Native, we were able to build more stable and secure applications. Another challenge was to ensure that the redesign ofapplication would not compromise its original aim of providing an easy and accurate way of monitoring blood alcohol levels. Thanks to close collaboration with MAAF, we were able to improveapplication while preserving its fundamental mission.