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How do I open a Google Play developer account?

Your Google Play Developer Console account in 4 steps 

Step 1: Sign in and set up your Gmail account

Don't have a Google account? Create one from this link:

After logging in to your Google Account, you can access Google Play Developer Console via this link:

Step 2: Validation of the developer's contract

Step 3: Payment of the registration fee

At this stage, you will be asked to enter your bank details and your billing address.

Note: The registration fee for a Google Play account is a one-time payment of $25, so there will be no need to renew this payment when you update your application.

Step 4: Developer Account Administration

We are almost there! In this last step, you will be asked to create your developer profile and fill in your information:

  • name of the developer (presented to users asapplication),
  • e-mail address and country of the account owner,
  • website
  • telephone number
  • etc.

Publishing your applications

When publishing applications, we leave it to you to decide how to proceed.

2 possibilities:

1- You wish to keep access to your account

In this case you will proceed by your own means to the publication of your apps. We invite you to read our documentation "How to publish your applications on Google Play Console?

 2- You give us access to your Google play account

You give us the possibility to publish your apps and to manage and update your account.

The NetDevices thanks you for your confidence.

We are of course at your disposal for further information if necessary.