Team Building NetDevices : the first of the year 2023

Team Building NetDevices : the first activity of 2023

Team Building NetDevices : the first activity of 2023

To get 2023 off to a good start, the team NetDevices met for a moment of exchange and sharing.

The company day is organized in two parts. A morning presentation of new projects NetDevices and a relaxing afternoon at the PUB St GERMAIN.


Morning presentation at the Boucicaut center

At the Boucicaut innovation platform, breakfast is warmly shared over coffees, infusions and pastries. New recruits introduce themselves. The team takes the time to get to know each other in this place of sharing and social mixing, where several organizations cohabit with innovative Parisian companies.

David, our manager, takes the time to give us a slideshow of the key points of 2023. The morning continues with a demonstration by one of our developers, Viquar (famous since our last newsletter), of the Bubble development "No code". He talked about the specific features of the tool, its advantages, its growing popularity, its pluginsetc.


Bubble, the star tool of the new year

Bubble, the star tool at the start of 2023, is a visual interface for creating Web applications. no programming skills required. NetDevices uses the platform to help its customers implement projects of all sizes.


A relaxing & artistic afternoon for the digital team NetDevices

After a "very" studious morning, we head for the PUB St GERMAIN. It's time for pleasure and gustatory satisfaction. The carefully subdued atmosphere of the establishment is soothing and conducive to relaxation.

Once digestion is well under way, we gather for an immersive experience with Paint me up : Glow in the dark. The whole team tried their hand at painting in the dark under neon lights, in a musical atmosphere.


Team Building NetDevices : the first of the year 2023

In the company of professionals, we work on our imagination in a fun and playful way. Everyone's artistic gifts are freely expressed. Agency members NetDevices drop their keyboards, pick up their brushes, dip them in fluorescent acrylic and draw their first dots on canvas! How do you develop your creativity and sense of visual perception in the dark? Just let yourself go and reveal the sleeping artist.



The model for the session is an octopus, a tentacled, dark and mysterious creature. Everyone is invited to come up with their own interpretation. The animator and the artist, two top-notch accompanists, are also on hand to guide us through the creation of our masterpiece.

The session comes to an end, and everyone leaves with their own masterpiece, happy to have shared a joyful reunion with colleagues in an unusual and original universe.


For some of the more adventurous, the evening continues in the bar of this pub, with its graceful, modern lighting effects. Memories are made as anecdotes, stories and experiences are shared. Laughter and discussion continue well into the evening.

Learning to establish relationships while forgetting about professional obligations is one of the essential values to be promoted. NetDevices.