Would you like to create a application in your own image?

The benefits of applications

Apps are a perfect way to stay close to your consumers, facilitating their experience on mobile, tablet or other connected object. Indeed, they offer multiple advantages, such as:

  • Ergonomic design
  • Responding to user needs
  • Push notification integration
  • Etc.

The latest applications made in NetDevices

Theapplication SG Emerging Currency

We had the opportunity to design a new application accessible on mobiles and tablets (Android and iOS) for the Société Générale.

With application , users will be able to keep track of the management of their accounts, as well as an overview of international currencies and interest rates.

We also help start-ups to develop their concept on the web and on mobile via sites and applications in their image.

Here are two recent examples: Baby'lib  and Alobees.

Theapplication Baby'lib

Baby'lib is a mobile application for parents looking for babysitters.

This Uber-like application based on one of our SaaS solutions (Sharry) brings together a wide range of functions:

  • Creating parent / babysitter accounts and profiles
  • A geolocation system, enabling you to see nearby parents/babysitters
  • Babysitter order tracking and acceptance
  • Ctc.

THEapplication Alobees

Alobees is another application, this time aimed at professionals in the building and civil engineering sector.

Its purpose is to :

  • Facilitate site management (planning, task and anomaly management, etc.)
  • Facilitating administration and workforce management
  • Improve communication within teams

Discover soon the new version on the stores (Apple store and Google Play).

In line with our recent client projects, we will develop for you Web applicationsnative or hybriddepending on your needs.

Our core technologies

In conclusion, here's a list of the main technologies we used for these projects:

Prototyping and Mock-ups:

Justinmind, Photoshop, Illustrator


React Native, React.js, Node.js (Sails), Angular 2, Cordova