Flodrim: the ultimate soccer statistics web platform

NetDevices created a web platform for Flodrim to manage and track soccer statistics worldwide

About us

Flodrim is a start-up that has entered the sports statistics market. Flodrim is revolutionizing the way soccer fans consume the enormous quantities of data and associated statistics. Their vision is clear: a unified platform that brings together all the statistical data from soccer matches in all the world's leagues, with the ability to create queries to match users' objectives as closely as possible. The web platform also had to be scalable, so that it could be extended to other sports in the future.


NetDevices was commissioned to create this robust, efficient and intuitive web platform. The aim of the project? To make statistics accessible and useful for soccer fans, punters and professionals alike. Users must be able to track global statistics. They can also customize their queries to track specific teams and matches.

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To create a platform that meets all Flodrim's requirements, we designed a two-part solution. First, we developed a solid API. Secondly, we had to create an intuitive user interface.

Using Node.jsOur team has created a robust, tailor-made API. It manages and transmits data in real time. The API is designed to handle massive volumes of data from soccer leagues around the world. The flexibility and speed of Node.js and the associated Fastify framework have enabled us to design an API that can easily be extended to handle other sports in the future.

With React.js, we developed a fast, responsive and attractive user interface. To manage complex and varied data, we used React-table. This tool enabled us to create dynamic tables offering users the possibility of sorting, filtering and customizing the display of statistics according to their preferences. We also integrated a personalized query functionality. This allows users to track the teams and matches that interest them.

We ensured excellent performance and scalability thanks to a modular architecture. We took into account the future growth of the platform, anticipating the addition of other sports, new functionalities and an increase in the number of users.

Aware of the importance of security and reliability in a data management platform, we have implemented rigorous security protocols to guarantee data integrity and the confidentiality of user information.

This integrated approach has enabled us to develop a web platform which not only meets Flodrim's immediate needs, but also offers the flexibility and scalability required to meet its future objectives.


Thanks to the platform set up by NetDevices, Flodrim was able to launch its MVP in less than 3 months. Users can now closely follow the performances of their favorite teams, anticipate game strategies and manage their sports bets in a more informed way. The platform's flexibility also makes it possible to envisage expansion into other sports, positioning Flodrim as a future leader in the field of sports statistics.




The Flodrim project raised a series of distinct challenges. A major challenge was the processing of massive data from various soccer leagues. This required a well-designed API for optimal performance. Then came the task of translating this complex data into usable information. This required an excellent command of front-end technologies and a deep understanding of the user experience. Flodrim also wanted a scalable platform to cover other sports. Precise strategic planning and thoughtful architecture were essential. Finally, data security and user confidentiality were crucial, highlighting our rigorous security protocols. Despite these challenges, we exceeded Flodrim's expectations thanks to our expertise and commitment.

Another specific aspect of the project was the implementation of the live system and the use of sockets, while at the same time having to refresh a large amount of data. The front end could not keep up without specific optimizations, processing the data point by point.

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