Optimization of regulatory management solution for Sinolytics via bubble

Development of a web-based application to validate and manage regulatory obligations.


About us

Sinolytics is a European consulting firm. It helps international companies and investors in China to make informed decisions. The structure has expertise in Chinese economic, financial, industrial and technological policies. It also specializes in regulatory compliance, with commercial experience and market intelligence in all sectors. Synolitics guides its customers through the intricacies of the country's customs, environmental and health laws.

Founded in 2018, the firm has already helped more than sixty customers to operate more successfully in China.


Sinolytics contacted NetDevices to set up a digital solution to centralize, streamline and automate the collection of information on its customers' compliance status with Chinese regulations (or local regulations for other countries). The firm decided to collaborate with NetDevices because they wanted a solution nocode with bubble. The project therefore consisted in developing an intuitive, easy-to-use application web site, capable of managing the various special cases, the roles of the various parties involved, and the collection of all data in the different branches of Synolitcis' customers.

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NetDevicesthanks to its expertise in web development, has chosen the no-code platform Bubble. This enabled us to build Sinolytics' customapplication web site.

Bubble is a no-code solution. It is renowned for its speed of execution and flexibility. These two essential qualities perfectly match the customer's specific requirements. Bubble'sapplication web application includes real-time data management functions and workflows to manage back-end tasks. There's also a dashboard function for internal management.

In addition, the integration of Figma, a robust design tool agile, enabled us to define a user interface that was both user-friendly and intuitive. As a result, we were able to create an optimal user experience. It enhances customer engagement and satisfaction.

To find out more about the growth of no-code in France, take a look at our article on blog . "No-code in France: a trend that's gaining in popularity"..


application web is transforming the way Sinolytics and its customers manage their regulatory obligations. On the one hand, it reduces the time spent on administrative tasks. On the other, it also optimizes the accuracy and reliability of the information provided. As a result, Sinolytics can concentrate more on delivering high-quality services to its customers.




The project's first challenge was to translate complex compliance processes into a simple, intuitive user experience. Thanks to the expertise of our team, a good reflection UX/UIThanks to Bubble's expertise and flexibility, we successfully met this challenge.

The second challenge was to meet the project's tight deadlines. Thanks to the efficiency of no-code development with Bubble, we were able to deliverapplication on time. At last, we were able to meet the highest quality standards.