NetDevices CII (Innovation Tax Credit) approved

NetDevices, CII approved provider

NetDevices obtained from the M.E.S.R.I. (Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation) an approval to CII (Innovation Tax Credit). This confirms the importance of innovation in our corporate strategy. Indeed, innovation is our main driving force.

Innovation tax credit

In 2013, the Innovation Tax Credit (CII) was introduced by Article 244 Quater B of the French General Tax Code (CGI). The CII is a support scheme for SMEs. 

The regulations then provide for an ITC amounting to 20% of eligible expenditure (capped at €400,000).

The ITC can be supplemented on a case-by-case basis by the Research tax credit (EIF). This other tax measure is provided for under article 244. It takes the form of a tax refund or reduction of up to 30% of total expenditure, capped at 100 million euros.

If you choose our agency to design your IT project, you can claim the CII. The only requirement is that the project be innovation-related.

What's the difference between the ITC and the CIR?

The main difference between these two tax schemes lies in the type of expenditure involved.

The CII applies to expenditure on the design of prototypes and/or the pilot installation of a new product. This may involve tangible or intangible assets (software). It applies to both internal costs (ex : personnel costs, intellectual property costs, operating costs, etc.) and external costs (ex : expenditure on subcontracting to a company approved by the French Ministry of the Economy).

Eligibility is based on the fact that the expenditure represents innovation and technical performance superior to products already on the market.

The purpose of the CIR is to finance R&D expenditure. In other words, experimental or theoretical work undertaken with a view to making innovative discoveries.

The main expenses taken into account in the calculation of the RTC concern :

  • 50% of personnel costs (researchers and research technicians directly and exclusively assigned to research operations)
  • 75% of depreciation of fixed assets directly assigned to research activities

Which companies are eligible for the Innovation Tax Credit?

The CII is for SMEs! To find out more, click here: click here !

Thus, to be eligible for the CII, your company must have a workforce of less than 250 people and generate a turnover of "50 million or your balance sheet total must be less than”. - Source: