A look back at our ND days!

NetDevices has favored telecommuting since 2018/2019, a practice that was extended following the COVID-19 pandemic. To strengthen ties between colleagues and maintain a strong team spirit, we regularly organize meetings and events outside the professional context.

These team days enable employees to get to know each other better, exchange ideas and enjoy cultural and sporting activities together. They also provide an opportunity to discuss and share ideas in an informal setting, over a drink.

March 2022

Our agency organized a visit to the Musée de l'Illusion, where team members enjoyed a unique experience exploring the interactive galleries and their captivating perspective games.

Next, head for the clouds for some geeky fun!
The day ends with a relaxing drink.

September 2022

On a sunny day, the NetDevices team gets together for an activity that combines sport and relaxation: the "Byke Tour"! This unique collective bike requires the participation of every member to move forward together.

Pedaling to the beat of the music, our team stays tight and dynamic. Our motto: progress together towards a common goal!

We end the day with a bowling activity to build team cohesion and add a little challenge in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Event days offer the NetDevices team an opportunity to get away from telecommuting and get together to strengthen ties and exchange ideas in a new way.

NetDevices is made up of a multicultural team from a variety of backgrounds. Our aim is to preserve the conviviality and cohesion of our team. We organize festive and fun events to share and enjoy together.