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NetDevicesyour web agency in Paris

La stratégie de l’agence est d’innover pour apporter à nos clients les méthodologies et les technologies les plus avancées.

Grâce à notre agrément CII, découvrez vos avantages.

Depuis plus de 10 ans, nous aidons les startups et les entreprises à concevoir des projets sur-mesure.

quantum dream

"Your projects 100% realized in France by a multicultural team of our web agency in Paris! »

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"NetDevices contributed to the development of theapplication site monitoring system Alobees, a great team with whom we continue to work hand in hand to manage developments"

Erwan Baynaud Alobees

"We have been working with the NetDevices team for the past 2 years on successive versions of the Panorama mobile applications for the Air France Central CSE"

Olivier Jully Digital Marketing & Communication Director

Solutions for web, mobile, cloud and data

Created in 2009 to set up a B2C project, NetDevices has evolved into a Web Agency / Digital Agency / Bubble agencyNocode agencyagency NodeJSagency react JSagency React native

Our team is specialised in web, mobile, cloud, data and artificial intelligence solutions.
We set up innovative solutions to help you develop your digital strategyto carry out a digital transformation project or even the evolution of your structure towards methodologies AGILE.
In addition to our technical expertise, we can help you with the design and functional aspects of your projects. UX/UIWe can also help you with the business plan and commercial models.
To this end, a multidisciplinary and international team makes up our web agency in Paris. We also use the most efficient tools to guarantee you a tailor-made result.
Our head office is in Paris, but we have been developing teleworking for several years. With the recent reinforcement of this practice, we remain mostly Parisian, but are more spread out over the territory!

Your web agency in Paris - Experts in Web, Mobile, Cloud and Data

When the company was created, our ambition was to create a "spotify" for the daily paid press. The Corpuseo project aimed to offer Internet users the possibility of finding all articles from multi-title "paper" newspapers on a single platform.
And at attractive prices for the general public, with less intrusive advertising. To this end, we used semantic analysis and language analysis tools to propose related content. Unfortunately, the publishers abandoned the project after 18 months.
This project was also to see the construction of a dedicated tablet for reading journalistic content. This hardware project explains the name of the company Net (for internet) Devices (for the project hardware). At the beginning we were incubated at ENSAM to support us on the industrial part of the project. We had prototyped a dedicated hardware and environment.
However, thanks to the efforts undertaken in Research and DevelopmentNetDevices has reoriented its activity towards service provision, while continuing to invest in R&D: The Web2Mobile and Sharry solutions were born.
Today, as a web agency in Paris, we provide our clients with all our expertise in the implementation of digital web and mobile solutions, deployment in the cloud, implementation of datalake, integration of artificial intelligence algo (computer vision, natural language processing).

Our R&D solutions


In 2011, three years after the arrival of the first iPhone, only 5% of websites were mobile friendly. Making a site mobile could be time consuming and expensive.
The Web2Mobile solution answers this problem. It is a solution that allows you to make your website responsive (i.e. it adapts perfectly to all mobiles) in just a few days. Your customers and prospects will be able to navigate as well on their computer as on their smartphone.
A major advantage for the implementation is that we do not touch your source code. This means you don't have to modify the tools you already use. Everything is done automatically on our servers.
In addition to the responsive aspect, we can also adapt the appearance of your website.
Thanks to a better design and mobile adaptationYou improve the user experience. And it helps to strengthen your natural referencing.
Our achievements with Web2Mobile :

  • used by Total to make business travel management tools mobile.
  • has enabled Mutuelles SMI to win a major tender. How did they do it? By making its account management site mobile-friendly, in just 3 months.
  • has also been using our Web2Mobile solution for 5 years. Thanks to this tool, several million pages are generated each month.


To help companies develop a collaborative and sharing economyNetDevices has developed Sharry. This is a SaaS platform that allows for uber-type market place projects (connecting individuals and service providers, geolocation, integrated payment, etc.).
Sharry allows a wide variety of projects to be set up quickly and without risk.

For example, theapplication collaborative is very effective for the VTC or taxi sector. The aim is to facilitate the establishment of relationships for the provision of services. Although Sharry is inspired by platforms such as Uber, it is not just about transport. It can also be used for personal services, tourism (guides, photographers, etc.) or even parking space sharing.
Whatever your project, Sharry offers you a multitude of functions for this connection:

  • real-time geolocation;
  • online payment (with data storage);
  • the visualisation of providers, both available and on the map;
  • the ranking
  • and many others

Through Sharry, your web agency in Paris can provide you with a mobile solution that reflects your image. To this end, the platform is developed entirely in fullstack javascript (ReactJS, React Native, NodeJS, Redux, Jest, Mocha, etc.), with a micro-services architecture and the possibility of scaling. Its deployment in the cloud is managed by scripts terraform / kubernetes and of course, everything is managed in containers docker.
To offer your services via innovative applications, contact NetDevices. We will help you to implement our various web and mobile solutions.
Sharry is the basis of the project Fleetizen with several million races managed per year.

MVP Studio

Many clients came with projects whose outline was yet to be defined, whose functionalities would evolve quickly, whose interfaces were not finalized. Rather than engaging in direct development in JS, we now have the capacity to develop your project quickly and under highly adapted financial conditions.
With we respond to this need to go fast, to be hyper reactive in a reinforced agility without requiring the traditional investments to release a product / project.
In 2021, we are therefore launching theoffer MVP Studio :

  • upstream support on product definition and positioning
  • development of your product in record time
  • coaching on commercial aspects, revenue model, positioning, business plan development and even help on the approach to financing from players such as the BPI.

Innovative technologies from your web agency in Paris

Since our creation we have always favoured innovative technologies to accompany our projects. Thus, we have been doing React Native since the alpha release. We are in fullstatck JS for more than 5 years, we make platforms in micro-service, docker-swarm, redux, jenking, jira, scrum, agile, technology watch ... these are the bases of our daily life!

Complex platform

As an expert in web, mobile, cloud and data, NetDevices is able to respond to all types of projects, even the most complex. Do you need an iOS or Android application for your sales staff, to promote a product, to collect customer feedback or to manage your employees' interventions, or a website redesign or creation? Contact us!
Thanks to our expertise and our tools, we can provide you with a scalable and evolving result.
We use the latest and most suitable technologies for this purpose.

  • For javascript frameworks: reactJS, NodeJS, React Native, Angular, VueJS, Flutter, etc. To this we add the associated javascript libraries.
  • For automated tests, we use: jest, mocha, jasmine ...
  • For quality and monitoring: datadog or prometheus, sonarqube.

NetDevices has always madeinnovation a driver of development and growth. For this reason, we use modern and efficient technologies. This strategy allows us to bring the most advanced methodologies to our clients. Thus, we help you to create tailor-made mobile applications or websites.

Big Data

Today, in order to develop, companies cannot escape Big Data. Collecting data allows you to improve your commercial operations (understanding your target, their expectations, etc.), but also to gain in efficiency at the global level. To help companies make the most of their data, NetDevices uses several solutions Big Data at your service:

  • Datalake: allows you to store your data.
  • Python: this is a web language specially adapted for big data. It allows the transformation of large data formats. It is an indispensable aid for developers.
  • Computer Vision: with this artificial intelligence, you can analyse your data to facilitate decision-making.

No code

Creating a website requires specific skills for coding. However, not all companies have the possibility of using the services of a programmer or developer for the creation or development of their website.
For this reason, your web agency in Paris provides you with several softwares from no code, such as bubble.ioWimpact, FrigoGusto, Pairing projects.
Very easy to use, these web solutions allow you to modify the components of your application mobile or site as you wish. All you have to do is use drag and drop to make your web project take shape.

Consulting of your web agency in Paris

In addition to the purely technical solutions offered by NetDevices, we also assist you in your web projects through missions of consulting :

  • UX/UI We support our customers in the implementation of the interfaces so that they meet the requirements of the users perfectly.
  • Agile AGILE : we implement the process for our clients to foster communication, continuous improvement and adaptation to change.
  • Web development We support many companies in their development strategy. This concerns both large groups and start-ups: AXA, Bayard, Alobees, Family Self Care, HBS, Groupe Cimes, Fleetizen, Sumi Agro, Pronos Direct, Infogreffe, ...

As an agency specialised in web, mobile, cloud and data, don't hesitate to use our services to help you with your project.

The Innovation Tax Credit with NetDevices

For SMEs and startups, finding the budget to finance innovation projects can sometimes be difficult. And yet the implementation of such projects is crucial in order to ensure the business development.
So to help these companies, the government has introduced an innovation tax credit. This is a scheme aimed at SMEs that allows them to benefit from 30 % de crédit d’impôt on innovation spending.
As such, your web agency in Paris, NetDevices, has obtained from the MESRI (Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation) theCII approval. In this way, you will be able to obtain a tax credit for all the innovation services you entrust to us.
All you have to do is ask us contact to benefit from it.

If you have understood that societal issues require your digital transformation to be based on a global, strategic vision and proven technologies, then NetDevices is the right partner for you.

You want to create a efficient websitea application dynamic mobile or see how to provide you with flexible and easy-to-implement development solutions?

What are our customized web solutions to meet your needs?

Each project that requires business expertise in web development can be entrusted to us.

Creation of complex digital platforms, intuitive and attractive mobile and web applications, Big data, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, release of your MVP, consulting... Trust the multidisciplinary skills of a team of developers, designers and technical project managers with NetDevicesyour web agency in Paris !

How to choose a application web site that reflects your company's image?

Application website, customized e-commerce site, application management, programming interface, communication solutions with your business software ... Whatever your needs, our web agency in Paris offers smart solutions, ergonomic technologies and dynamic support to complete your web projects.

Together, let's build a application that meets your business requirements!

  • A customized application in correlation with the specificities of your market
  • A digital product accessible from a computer, a tablet or a smartphone
  • An application adapted for the management of innovative projects
  • A platform that makes the difference with the competition
  • A personalized digital medium that you alone own
  • Scalable applications for sustainable business processes

Whatever your function, sales, marketing, financial or administrative management, production, communication... It is above all essential to create a application or a software that integrates into your business strategy according to your business constraints to facilitate your daily processes and give you a competitive edge in your market.

For all these reasons, you must associate yourself with a partner who puts all these resources at your disposal to concretize the performance of your web project.

Expert in the development of complex solutionsyour web agency NetDevices accompanies you thanks to a team of passionate and specialized professionals in all the fields of digital.

Ergonomics, user experience, digital marketing, nothing is left to chance in our development approach in order to offer you efficient software and powerful applications.

Do not hesitate any longer and contact us! Listening, reactivity, availability and strength of proposal, that's all you are likely to encounter with the experts of NetDevicesour web agency in Paris !